So, you want to have a painted army, or maybe just individual miniatures? Either way, you’re only several steps away from achieving that.

1. Getting the miniatures

There are two options: you can either buy the miniatures yourself or have me buy them for you. The latter might be profitable for you, since minis in Poland are often slightly cheaper; you’d be saving a buck or two on shipping costs as well.
So if you already have your miniatures – great. If not, send me a list of the pieces you need and we’ll figure out what it would cost to have me buy them for you.

2. Tell me how you want them

My goal is to turn your dream into reality. To do that, I will need you to provide me with information on how you would like your miniatures to look when finished – the colour scheme, main theme (such as season, setting, the overall ‘feel’ of this collection), additional features (magnetized weapons or bases, for example), choice of equipment etc. If you have a very clear and detailed vision – good, this should make the process smooth and precise. If you only have a general idea of what you’d like your miniatures to look, no worries – we’ll figure out the details together.

At this point you should also consider the level at which you’d like your minis painted. I generally operate on two:

  • Standard – multiple stages of shading and highlighting (usually 3-5), simple weathering, OSL, blacklining, simple freehands.
    You can see examples here, here or here
  • Premium – this basically means that whatever the Standard covers, Premium does even better and I will go to the heights of my abilities
    You can see examples here, here or here

Both levels include assembly (with pinning where necessary), basing, application of varnish.
Magnetizing pieces and extra complex/scenic bases come at an extra price, usually between 1-2€/model – this will vary depending on your particular needs.
Let me know if you’d like to see any miniatures converted, and in what way. I generally do simple sculpting, pose shifting etc. As with basing and magnetizing, this will be priced individually.

Check the table below for approximate pricing in euros. Each commission is priced individually, but these categories (and the examples from Games Workshop range given in brackets) should give you a general idea:


3. Send the miniatures

That’s pretty straightforward – you either send the miniatures to me or I order them for you – in this case I will need you to transfer the funds required for purchase to my bank account in advance. If sending the package yourself, bear in mind the costs of international shipping to Poland, which may vary depending on your location.

4. The fun begins!

Once I get the miniatures, I begin working with them as soon as I am able to, according to the plan we agreed upon before. You will receive photos of the work in progress – usually after the first several miniatures, to make sure that the paintjob matches your vision, then photos of finished units or characters. Before varnishing the models I will send you pictures of the whole collection so that if you wish to make any changes, I can apply them. I’m not done until you’re satisfied.

5. Payment and shipping

After the payment is settled via bank transfer or PayPal, the minis get packaged in foam, bubble wrap, paper, put in a box and sent back to you.



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