This is a fairly typical story of hobbyist-turned-professional. It’s been some 15 years of painting now, but the roots run deep in the past, with my older brother getting into fifth edition of Warhammer Fantasy Battles – since then I’ve always been surrounded by miniatures and books and sure enough, soon picked up the hobby myself. Having collected several armies for Warhammer Fantasy Battle, WH40k, some Mordheim bands and a bunch of historical miniatures, I started painting for other people. Minis I covered include all Games Workshop systems, Warzone, Privateer Press (Hordes/Warmachine), Guild Ball, Godslayer, many historical manufacturers (BlackTreeDesign, Gripping Beast, Warlord, 1/72 plastics from Zvezda, Orion etc.), Reaper, Gamezone… Be it competitive wargames, collector pieces or board games – I’m always happy for a new challenge!